Moor Mother / Nkisi

31 March, 2017 - 22:00


€ 9 (presale) / € 12 (box office)


“The act of speech or music is a struggle: it must be economical and sparse, infinitely patient, in order to impose itself on what resists it, but extremely violent in order to be itself a resistance, an act of resistance. Irresistibly, it rises.” (Gilles Deleuze) 


Philadelphia-based Camae Defstar is involved with some of the most exciting art, poetry and community projects going on in the US right now, notably with the collectives Black Quantum Futurism and The AfroFuturist Affair. As a musician, she records under the name Moor Mother, collapsing together slave ship punk and chain gang blues, sonic noise and tonal memory, historical consciousness and speculative fiction into compositions she describes as “blk girl blues, witch rap, coffee shop riot gurl songs, southern girl dittys, black ghost songs”.


Born in Congo, raised in Belgium and currently based in South London, Melika Ngombe Kolongo has been dubbed a ‘synthesist of new hardcore sounds’. As one of the driving forces behind the NON Worldwide network along with Angel-Ho and Chino Amobi, Nkisi aims to “exorcise the language of domination” - a mission she seems to tackle full-scale with her own productions, which deliver hit after body hit, exploding with boots-on-the-ground ballistic percussion and teeming with global influences that range from Central- and West African club music to gabber and doomcore.

Moor Mother