Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure

Sandra Gibson, Olivia Block & Luis Recoder

Projector Performance by Sandra Gibson, Olivia Block & Luis Recoder 

For the opening of the festival, Courtisane presents the new film performance by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Their research on light as an optical phenomenon revolves this time around the light play of two 35mm projectors, fractured and dispersed by a series of lenses. The performance makes the most of the intrinsic properties of the “changeover” system which in film theaters is used to project two film reels the one right after the other. The result is a stimulating and enigmatic game of filmic illusion and desillusion. This is the second projects that Gibson and Recoder have created in collaboration with Olivia Block (US), whose sound work seeks to examine and redefine the limits of the cinematographic experience. Block began her journey into music as a pop musician, until she turned to field recordings in the 1990s. Since then she has developed a unique musical language, in which she brings together refined textures of environmental material with raw noise and an elegant instrumental sound architecture, in which wind instruments are predominant. Compositional ordering and digital processing enter into an absorbing dialogue with the natural world.