Ben & Ben: Beard Beat Triangle Worship

Ben Rivers & Ben Russell

Ben & Ben’s idea of a night out, in the company of an assembly of kindred souls that propose a wide palette of kaleidoscopic sound excursions: from hypnotic drone mantras to neo-cosmic proto-acid and back. Robert aiki aubrey Lowe (US) aka Lichens is not only the leading actor in Ben and Ben’s new film, he also makes music that totally rhymes with the spiritual and mystical tonalities of their work. Using voice, guitar and modular synthesizers he layers sprawling sound patterns to epic drones, in which both the spirit of John Fahey as that of Demetrio Stratos habitate. Jake Williams (UK) is the protagonist of Ben Rivers’s feature film Two Years at Sea. He will bring his electric mandolin and promises a set of Scottish folk songs, bittersweet ditties and maybe even a cover of Lily Allen. Finally, the shadowy hours of the night are heralded by Antwerp-based Stellar OM Source (NL) aka Christelle Gualdi, who uses analogue synths and electronics to bridge the gap between the kosmische musik à la Klaus Schulze and the Detroit techno school.