It drips, it splashes, it burns, it scrapes

It drips, it splashes, it burns, it scrapes,
it shows, it sells, it melts
it laughs, it sighs, it groans
it scares, it cares, it wears, it breaks, it shapes,
it remembers, it repeats,
it learns,

A collection of films closely linked to feminist themes, dealing with the (female) body and its vulnerability. The artists talk about body politics, identity and emancipation. Often through performative videos, these makers reclaim space, question established norms, test boundaries and reckon with dominant gazes and oppressive power dynamics. In the films, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and fun encounter violence, deprivation, oppression, discrimination and (hidden) forms of control.


Curated by Eva van Tongeren


The title of this programme is taken from the film Lactans by Claudia Lomoschitz.