PAM p.m. 6

25 May, 2021 - 14:00

PAM (Platform voor audiovisuele en mediakunsten) organiseert maandelijkse bijeenkomsten, genaamd PAM p.m., tijdens dewelke kunstenaars, curators, en organisaties uit het veld, in gesprek kunnen gaan met elkaar. Alle mogelijke onderwerpen kunnen aan bod komen: fondsenwerving, productie en co-productie, auteurschap, inclusie,…

PAM p.m. 6

sixth session of the informal meetings between peers from the audiovisual, sound, and media arts community


This PAM p.m. session will focus on self-organisation and tactics for artist-run initiatives in sound and media arts. Artist collectives will introduce themselves and share their stories and best practices. It’s about the challenges of small-budget organisations, sharing infrastructure, inventing formats, expanding distribution or other solutions.

After the introductions you will be able to have a conversation with the participants in break-out rooms as usual, and ask more specific questions about their topic or about how they joined their forces as artists.

This session runs in collaboration with the network which promotes exchange between artist-run organisations that deal with sound in arts.  Participants are people from iii (The Hague Netherlands), bb15 (Linz Austria), Overtoon (Brussels Belgium), Lydgalleriet  (Bergen Norway) and Werktank (Leuven Belgium)

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